Do You Need To Be Psychic To Do (Awesome) Reiki?

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about Reiki is that you need to be psychic or intuitive to do it.

Quite the opposite!

psychic reiki

Reiki is the every-person form of healing. It is simple, powerful, and effective, and it can be learned by anyone. The only prerequisite to practicing Reiki healing is the intention to practice Reiki healing. Intention + desire. That’s it.


The simple act of practicing Reiki will strengthen and enhance your intuition – or at least make you more aware of your existing intuitive abilities.

Does Reiki make you psychic, or does it just help you notice how psychic you’ve always been?

It was through long-distance Reiki healing with people all over the world that I really discovered my intuition. I had always considered myself ‘a little bit psychic’ but until Reiki, I didn’t realize what an impact it could have.

Your intuition is always communicating with you, sending you nudges and even messages – Reiki simply makes you more aware of and receptive to them all. So you don’t need to be psychic to do Reiki but doing Reiki will make you more psychic.

It may be as simple as sensing where to place your hands in session without the client having to mention it. “Oh your right knee is hurt? Yes, I felt that when my hand passed over it.”

Or knowing something about her situation that you can’t quite explain but resonates with her deeply. “How interesting that you recommended Archangel Chamuel – he has come up in all my readings lately, too.”

Or suggesting a food or supplement for healing only to hear that she has already received that recommendation from her naturopath. 

Although it can be tempting, try not to immediately question or analyze intuitive information; it won’t always make sense. This will get easier with practice.

Just notice the sensations, impressions, and feelings you encounter, taking notes if needed (I keep a pen and paper handy for every Reiki session because I have learned through experience that I won’t remember everything later). Remain open to receiving information and guidance, and if a message is to be revealed, it will come out – no need to force it.

Being intuitive is neither required for Reiki nor a guaranteed side effect, but it is a common perk, and will manifest differently for everyone. What is it like for you?

Remember – your intuitive abilities are not a reflection of your Reiki abilities, so let go of any self-judgment about what you can or can’t do, and enjoy Reiki in your own way:)

Reiki takes practice. And love.

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Do You Need To Be Psychic To Do (Awesome) Reiki? — 1 Comment

  1. Wow! Thank you for this blog post Judy. Before I started doing Reiki I had just begun really tapping into my intuition and my inner voice. It had always been there, but I had really just started to listen and I was sometimes unsure about what I would hear.

    Since doing distance Reiki for others I have come to trust my inner knowing so much more. It is such a beautiful thing. I am SO looking forward to what will unfold as I move deeper into my practice.

    Much love – Angie

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