What’s the Point of Using Crystals & Gemstones in Reiki?

Yes, I did just write about how tools are not necessary for Reiki healing. How Reiki is so fantastically wonderful on its own that ‘extras’ are not needed.

And now I’m going to tell you how much I love using crystals alongside Reiki. Because ‘extras’ can be fun.

If you’ve ever worked with me either one-one or in a group, you’ve probably experienced my crystals and gemstones. It’s a natural choice for me; I’m as intrigued by gemstones and their messages as I am by Reiki and its’ healing power.

So what’s the point of using crystals and gemstones in Reiki?

what's the point of crystals and gemstones in reiki

The point is to bring more fun, inspiration, and spiritual guidance to Reiki healing. Crystals can enhance, amplify, or neutralize certain situations or energy states in the body, promoting health and well-being, which makes them a great partner for Reiki. 

Each crystal and gemstone has its own energy and vibration. It is a little being. Using crystals and gemstones does not change the Reiki itself, but adds another layer of subtle energy healing that beautifully complements the gentleness of Reiki.

My personal interest in gemstones has manifested predominantly as the ability to channel gemstone messages. It is one of my most-fun talents that blends exceptionally well with Reiki and proves to be helpful for clients all over the world.

How do I know these gemstone messages are channeled and not from ME?
They arrive quickly, without my thinking, and they are often worded in strange ways that do not reflect my own speech or thought patterns.

Like that time Hematite said: “Adjust your vision to fully reflect the dreams that lay deep in your soul”? Yeah, I would never say that.

Or when Shiva Lingam said: “Exponential growth is waiting to explode from within you”? Nope, that wasn’t ME.

Those are just examples, and sometimes the channeled crystal messages are a bit more ‘normal’ but in almost every case, the message holds great meaning for the person it was intended for.

Some Reiki healers take offense that I use crystals in my Reiki practice. “That’s not Reiki!” they say. And it’s true – it’s not traditional Reiki. Crystals are not needed for successful Reiki healing.

But they sure are fun! And beautiful! Two things I love, so of course they’re added to my healing practice. That is my choice and it’s one thing that makes my practice so blissfully MINE.

Remember, you get to choose how you do things. If it feels right and has you inspired, what more do you need? 

In the comments, tell me: What other questions do you have about Reiki or crystals?

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