Choosing the Very Best Crystals For YOUR Life – Part Two

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Here’s something important for choosing your stones: Crystals are very absorbent and some have the tendency to ‘pick up’ energy from their surroundings. This is why two pieces of the same stone can feel so very different.

Choosing the best crystals for your life part two

If you’ve ever held a gemstone and immediately felt something ‘off’ or unpleasant – chances are it needed cleansing. This is particularly important to remember when buying or receiving gemstones: what you sense in the moment may not be entirely accurate, and the feeling of a crystal can absolutely change over time.  

Knowing the difference between a gemstone that needs cleansing and one that just doesn’t jive comes down to intuition. We usually sense when a gemstone is meant for us, whether cleansed or not. If the immediate feeling is joyful, peaceful, inquisitive or pleasant, you’ll know. And if it’s not – if it feels more heavy, dark, stressful, or worrisome – you’ll know, too.

Crystal Tip 3

The more in touch you are with intuition, the easier this will be to decipher. Relax about it. Just keep trusting your gut and you will be guided to your very best stones. 

Did you know? A person’s crystal needs will change over time.

Just as our relationships vary throughout life, so too does our connection to crystals. What served you well 5 years ago is not necessarily your best stone for right now. Or maybe it is! Each person’s need for gemstones is unique and is best discovered through personal experimentation. 

The best way to find Your Best Crystals? Go shopping. Hold some crystals. Get acquainted. Connect with them. Ask questions and listen for the answers. What are they saying? How do they feel? Which stone is speaking to you? 

Your best crystals are waiting for you. You’ll know them when you find them. 

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Remember – there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do this, and you can’t screw it up (not even if you tried!). As long as you’re offering respect to the crystals and trusting your intuition, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have fun. And that’s what this is all about, right?!


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