Sunday FUNday!

Which stone catches YOUR attention?

Make your choice(s), then scroll down to find channeled gemstone messages directly from spirit. 

It might be just what you need to guide the coming week!

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1. Chrysocolla: “Reinvent yourself only when you feel it’s right, not when others tell you it’s right.”

2. Prehnite: “Stay away from difficult people. Guard yourself against negativity by indulging in your favourite activities and practices.” 

3. Malachite: “Open your heart even when t want to snap shut. Let light flow in and out,a nd don’t hold back from telling others what they mean to you.”

4. Fluorite: “Every step of your journey shows you a new angle. Appreciate what is happening right in front of your eyes.”

5. Sardonyx: “Everything is always changing. You can always choose what you want.” 

6. Rhodonite: “Wherever you are hurting in life or body, apply love and show kindness to yourself. Be the magic in your own life.”

7. Tree Agate: “Never stop planting seeds fro growth comes naturally to all beings. Rely on your roots to bring you strength.”

How does that feel?

Is there any truth to the message?

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Sunday FUNday! — 2 Comments

  1. “To lift the burden of fear from your soul” – that is rightly said. I have been scatted of so much in my life that I need to let go. Thank you Judy. X