Reiki Healing for Dogs

What is your dog trying to tell you?

All animals communicate through energy. When there is something wrong or out of balance, there will be signs.

And you don't have to figure it out on your own.

Give your dog the opportunity to share what's going on and receive powerful Reiki healing. 

I'm Judy Tweal, Reiki Master Teacher & Healing Guide

Animals have always played a special role in my life and I absolutely love sharing Reiki with them.

That handsome fella at the top of the page? That's Bodhi, my Lab partner (ha ha!) - and a big fan of Reiki!

(I have yet to meet a dog who doesn't LOVE Reiki.)

Whether your dog is big or small, young or old, purebred or a mutt, it would be an honour to connect with you both for some gentle Reiki healing.


Do dogs like Reiki? +

Yes! Many animals enjoy receiving Reiki. Since they already are so connected to nature, animals usually recognize the calm, healing energy of Reiki and may even seek it out. To them it's like laying in the sunshine - if it feels good, why wouldn't you do it?

How do I know if my dog will like Reiki? +

Ask! While your dog may not understand the work Reiki, s/he will understand the concept of 'healing energy' and will usually indicate if they would like to receive.

To really be sure your dog wants Reiki, get their attention, and in a simple voice, ask your dog: "Would you like to receive some healing energy? It will help you to feel good. You can take as much as you like, and you can stop it at any time. If you would like to receive this healing energy, please give me a clear sign."

Then watch and wait. Usually a dog will understand what you have asked and will lick your hand, or wag their tail, or do something that seems like a sure 'Yes!'. Other times they may do nothing, bark, or even walk away.

Whatever you receive, use your intuition and your dog's guidance to decide what is best.

What is Reiki helpful for? +

Everything! Reiki is healing energy that comes directly from source and it is helpful for all kinds of issues and situations.

  • Physical healing (including pre- and post-surgery)
  • Emotional healing (trauma, abuse, neglect)
  • Behavioural issues
  • End-of-life care
  • Mysterious or unknown health issues

** Please note: Reiki healing does NOT constitute or replace medical attention and is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any person or animal. ** 

How will Reiki affect my dog? +

Receiving Reiki healing can be very calming, relaxing, and often induces sleep. Most dogs will sit or lay down while receiving Reiki, and they may yawn more than usual (just one way of processing energy). In some cases they may seek privacy, or be more clingy to their humans.  It all depends on the dog.

After the session, your dog may be extra-lazy, sleepy, or alternately, very energetic. If there was a specific issue being addressed, you may notice an immediate improvement. Other times, changes may show up over days or weeks, so pay attention to see how your dog is affected by Reiki.

What's the deal with animal communication? +

Reiki opens the pathways for animal communication and gives your dog an opportunity to share their perspective with us. With the energy flowing, we get access to valuable information from your dog so you can know what is going on and how to help.

Once connected with your dog, I may receive messages about their health, behaviour, or issues, or I can ask specific questions and relay their answers. Some dogs can be very chatty and the conversations are often quite funny! Depending on the dog, of course :)

Animal communication is especially helpful for situations your dog may find confusing or uncertain (moving, marriage, divorce, birth, death), and can be valuable for dogs with unknown or traumatic backgrounds.

What if my dog ends up NOT liking Reiki? +

If your dog ends up NOT liking Reiki and we cannot complete the healing session, there are two options:

  1. Reconnect another day and try again. Animals will sometimes resist Reiki when they don't understand how it works or what it requires of them. With a second opportunity to receive Reiki healing, they may have gained the trust needed to complete the full session. If that doesn't work.....
  2. The remainder of the healing session will be transferred to you, a member of your family, or even another dog. Someone will receive the Reiki!

**Because of the time investment, refunds are not available for Reiki healing sessions.**

Will you work with animals other than dogs? +

Yes! I have an extra-special connection with dogs that allows for deep and powerful healing, but I love sharing Reiki with animals of all kinds, including other pets and even wild animals.

If you want to get Reiki healing for your cat, horse, or any other animal, you can purchase one of these sessions for them. As long as they're on board, I'm on board :)

How do I schedule the healing session? +

After payment, you will receive an email from me with details on scheduling your session. This is when you can indicate if you would prefer a healing session by phone or email.

Please note: Phone sessions require you to call me (Canadian number so long-distance charges may apply).

What is the current wait time for healing sessions? +

The current wait time for healing sessions is less than one week.

In some cases, we may arrange a healing session within 24-48 hours of purchase. Please indicate your preferred time after purchase.

What is included in the Reiki mentorship? +
  • Four weeks of one-one support and guidance
  • Hands-on experience channeling Reiki to yourself and others
  • Four (4) weekly phone calls (60 minutes each)
  • Weekly personalized assignments
  • Accountability to reach your Reiki goals
How do I know if the Reiki mentorship is right for me? +

You will know if it's right for you based on how it makes you feel.

It is exciting? Interesting? Motivating? Inspiring?

If you feel called to this Reiki mentorship, then it may be right for you.

If you have read everything on this page and you're still not sure if it's right for you, go read some of my blog posts about Reiki. That will help you to decide.

"I loved my healing sessions with Judy. I felt so relaxed and comfortable during our time together and she provided the most amazing feedback afterwards, including clear explanations for what was happening with my energy. Her style is very conversational and matter-of-fact so I was always able to connect what she shared to what was going on in my life. She asked very clear questions to help me look into each issue that came up. Judy is clearly gifted at what she does, and she brings a tremendous warmth and amazing clarity to all her work.”

Peggy Freeh -

“Judy Tweal is a really extraordinary Reiki healer. The distance session she did for me was so powerful. I’ve had sessions with a lot of healers but Judy really powerfully shifted energy in a way I’ve rarely experienced. The session left me feeling so much calmer and more relaxed. Judy is really unique and has such a warm, caring, and loving energy. If you are considering working with Judy I highly recommend her!”

Elisabeth Elektra - Zyna Hel

"I am familiar with Reiki and have had sessions before, but I had never experienced distance Reiki. I was in desperate need of some healing and energy work when I met Judy. After speaking with her following our session, I learned I had been so totally relaxed during her work that I had fallen asleep and was completely at peace with the energy work. Judy was also able to identify a number of areas that were of specific concern to me - a tightness in my neck, a blockage in my throat chakra, and a significant need for healing in my abdominal area where I had recently had surgery and am currently recovering. None of these things were discussed prior to our session, and none had been on my facebook so there was no way of her knowing these things except through her ability to perform distance Reiki with accuracy. In our follow up she also mentioned a few other things that she had picked up on during our time together.  I truly believe Judy has a gift for healing in this way, and plan to arrange future sessions with her. God Bless."

Laura DaGrossa -

"I've been working with Judy for a few years now. Since then my love for Reiki has increased to the point of doing my Reiki levels 1 and 2. Reiki is such a powerful and gentle way to connect with your inner world, and to heal yourself and others. From our health to our inner peace my whole family has received benefit from Reiki. Judy is a person I totally look up to when it comes to Reiki energy and her intuitive gifts. After working with her I feel relaxed and energetic at the same time. I really have enjoyed the energy and the messages/emails from our sessions - they are beautiful! Judy has been a fundamental part in my well-being management. She's so generous and caring, always approachable and willing to offer support.”

Angela Fogarty-Mendez -

*Please note: The purpose of these healing sessions is to provide relaxation and stress relief. Reiki healing is not intended to constitute or replace medical attention.*