It’s time to really start listening to your intuition.

Spirit is communicating with you. That’s not the first time you’ve heard this, is it?

And your personal healing? It’s time. You ARE ready.

I’m Judy Tweal,
Reiki Master Teacher & Healing Guide.


I work with people (and animals!) all over the world who are ready to jump-start healing so they can let go of the past and thrive in the present.

Using a holistic combo of Reiki, crystals, oracle cards, animal medicine, angel healing, shamanic practices, and spot-on intuitive insight, I will help you uncover what’s keeping you stressed out, unhealthy, and stuck. 

Together we’ll shift that energy so you can release what’s no longer needed and begin feeling like (the best version of) yourself again.

It is my passion to make intuitive energy healing more inspiring, enjoyable, playful, and even FUN!     

True story: I used to think Reiki was kind of uncool. It’s not that I disbelieved; it just seemed really strange. And for years, I thought it ‘wasn’t my thing.’ 

Then I healed myself of IBS, learned Reiki, and became a Reiki Master Teacher. 

Funny how life works. 

Turns out, I had avoided Reiki (and most intuitive/spiritual activities) because it all seemed really boring. Dull. Unexciting. Stale. 

And it never felt like I could really be myself with it.
Like I had to be more quiet and serious and different, because that’s how everyone else was doing it.

Well, I was wrong.

It took me a long time to realize I could do things my way; that it’s ok to have my own style of healing that is fun, playful, and wildly effective.

Better than ok – it’s fantastic! There is room on my altar for Spongebob, I love learning – and trying – new things, and rules? Yeah, no thanks.  

Bonus: With my background in Holistic Nutrition, I have an extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology which I use to direct Reiki healing to specific organs, body tissues, and health conditions. 

Now that I have embraced my own style of energy healing and work with Reiki every day, my life has changed before my eyes.

In addition to healing my own IBS, I have used intuitive energy healing to address and manage:

  • physical healing (including back pain, headaches, PMS, and arthritis) 
  • emotional upset
  • marital separation
  • anxiety
  • fear
  • depression
  • grief

It is the most powerful approach in my holistic healing toolbox. 

Here’s what people are saying: 

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The only requirement for this kind of healing is the willingness and intention to receive. In-person or from a distance, it’s yours if you want it. Easy peasy. 

Everyone can benefit from intuitive energy healing – even animals. Yep, some of my favourite clients have been furry and adorable.

Animal Connection

Groundhog snacking

My friend Mr. Horse.


Whether you’re dealing with something long-term or brand new, the fact that you’re here, now, suggests you’re ready to try something different. Shift things around and discover a better way to love your life.

It’s time. Together we can heal even the deepest darkest stuff. 

Yes, you can enjoy healing.
Yes, personal growth can be pleasant.
Yes, you are fully supported in taking the next step.
Yes, I will show you how.

Because life is way too short to be taken so seriously. 

Want to connect with me? Check out my Services page to see how we might fit together. 

And if you have any questions? Contact me here


You can heal yourself and your life
(it's easier than you think)

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