Wild Animals Might Heal Your Bad Moods

Isn’t it wonderful how predictably spiritual guidance arrives right when you need it?

It doesn’t matter what you’re going through or where you find yourself. When you ask for a sign and remain open to receiving, what you need will find you in exact perfect timing.

So it was with my recent owl encounter.

Winter was turning to spring and it was a grey dreary day. I needed something to lift my mood. I needed out of the house. I needed to connect with nature.

As fate would have it, my husband suggested we visit a nearby island with an apparently large snowy owl population. That sounds like my kind of place!

Although I grew up in the country, I’d seen only one owl in my life and I was eager to see another.

We got to the ferry with 5 minutes to spare, right as it began to rain. Perfect timing, I thought.

Did I mention I’d been feeling nauseous all day? And that I was worried about throwing up on the ferry? (Don’t worry – I didn’t.)

It was not a beautiful day.

Nausea, rain, grey sky, icy river, cold air – but still we had our very own Jack & Rose moment up on the top deck while all the other passengers (wisely) stayed in their cars.

Within a few minutes of arriving on the island, my husband spotted our first snowy owl.

I was out of the car and into the muddy field before he’d even parked. Then I noticed the thunder and lightning.


While rationally I understood that this may not be the best time to venture into a big open field, my heart led me forward, through the rain, into the mud, closer to the owl.

Nothing could have stopped me. (And few things could get me into a cold wet rainy thundering open field in the first place.)

I was smiling ear to ear, inching closer without taking my eyes off the owl. And he was watching me (of course – owls see everything!). 

There is nothing quite like connecting with a wild animal in their own environment.

Did I mention that I’d forgotten to put my mitts on? And that I wasn’t wearing proper footwear? (I hadn’t realized it would be raining.) And that up to this point it had been a somewhat crappy day?

Yeah. All that. 

But it totally didn’t matter. Standing there watching this gorgeous owl, immersed in the present moment, I felt a powerful and deep connection to nature.

There was something drawing me in. I felt SO powerfully connected to spirit. So RIGHT.

Silently he opened his wings and flew to a nearby fence post. I followed him over, his eyes constantly scanning the horizon and occasionally falling on me.

I didn’t ask for a message from the owl.

I didn’t need to. His very presence in was just the confirmation I needed from spirit that my prayers were being heard and answered.

Once he flew farther away farther down the field, we continued our journey. Within two minutes, we found another snowy owl on top of a telephone pole. Watching, scanning.

DSC_0028 (1)

What a blessing! Here is my chance to see not one but TWO owls in the same day. I have waited a whole lifetime for this!

You know where this is going, don’t you? A few minutes later, we saw another snowy owl. Farther away and harder to see in the fading daylight, but it was there. 


Now that’s special. 

Not only did spirit hear my prayer, I was given three separate opportunities to experience this bliss.

DSC_0024 (2)

I asked for what I wanted, and I got it. All I had to do was show up, keep my eyes open, and follow my heart.

There was nothing more for me to understand or decode. The right guidance found me right when I needed it. As it always does.

Keep asking for what you want. Keep looking for what you need. Keep listening to your heart. 

And count your blessings. 

Thank you spirt and thank you owls. Message received. 


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