Best Music For Healing: My Personal Favorites

One of my favourite complements to Reiki is beautiful music. While I firmly believe that no props or tools are needed for effective healing, they can be a lot of fun – and music is a great add-on to Reiki.

I enjoy listening to all types of music in my regular life, but there are certain types that don’t lend themselves well to a healing session (I’m thinking of that Portlandia skit with live music during a massage). I generally prefer soft, relaxing music – or no music at all.

Since I get asked about this so much, I’ve put together a list of my favourite healing music. Take a peek – maybe you’ll find a new favourite for your next healing session.

Best Music For Healing_ My Personal Favorites

Reiki Chants by Jonathan Goldman

This is just about the only album I ever listen to during healing sessions. It has been my go-to for years, and it just doesn’t feel right when I choose something else. Jonathan Goldman has many great albums but this one has something really special – the third song in particular always brings up such joy.

Tibetan Dream Journey by Nawang Khechog

When I don’t listen to Jonathan Goldman during healing, I listen to Nawang Khechog. So much beauty through this music. It makes me feel especially connected to nature, and has a gentle, uplifting vibe that leaves me feeling refreshed.


This is a more recent music discovery but what I’ve heard so far is lovely. Very peaceful and almost floaty. This music takes me somewhere – it is an experience. I look forward to including more Laraaji music in my healing practice.

Singing Bowls

Using singing bowls or listening to recordings of their beautiful music can be a lovely addition to any healing. I often use a Tibetan singing bowl during my healing sessions, and there is really nothing else like it. Each bowl is unique and has its own sound, so its important to choose one that really resonates with you (pun intended).

What is your favourite music for healing?

Do you have a particular instrument, album, or artist
you turn to? 

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