The Absolute Very Best Way to Heal Yourself + Your Life

Among all the various modalities of healing from all across the world, there is only one method of healing that is the absolute very best for you:

The one that you choose and commit to.

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what kind of healing practice you select as long as it means something to you – and you actually practice it.

the very best way to heal

Just like wearing workout clothes all day does not mean you actually exercised (unfortunately), simply being interested in Reiki or any other healing or spiritual practices does not mean that healing occurs by association. You must decide to make it happen and commit to regular practice. You must fuel your intentions with inspired action.

How do you take action to healing yourself? What kind of healing practice do you currently have?

Healing is something we all need. Not because there is anything wrong with us or we need to be fixed, but because it’s through healing that we’re exposed to our life’s greatest lessons.

Healing takes many forms, and thankfully, there are as many ways to heal as there are people healing. It’s deeply personal, and only you can really know what method of healing is best for you. Suggestions, guidance, and support are great, but don’t let anyone convince you they know more about what is best for your healing than you do.

What feels good to you? What helps you to grow and learn?
You will know in your heart what brings healing to your body, mind, and soul. Trust what you feel. 

For me, Reiki is the answer, although it took me a while to accept that. Now I rely on Reiki for everything; it is my go-to for daily self-healing.

  • After healing myself of IBS, I began to use Reiki to manage the underlying anxiety, physical symptoms, related chakra issues, and acute flare-ups.
  • When separated from my husband, I used Reiki to bring healing to my broken heart. 2 months later, we reunited.
  • While struggling with grief and depression, Reiki became a light in my days. It was a source of strength and a reminder of my connection to spirit. 

Reiki has shown itself to be a good choice for me because it’s easy, effective, and adaptable. I can do Reiki at any time, in any place, and there is no issue too big or too small for Reiki.

Because I love having fun, I customize my Reiki practice to include oracle cards (for additional intuitive guidance that is fun and concise), crystals and gemstones (for their own healing vibrations), and animal wisdom (for even more messages directly from spirit).

Whisked all together, I end up with a powerfully gentle blend of energy healing that is cozy, comforting, and wildly effective.

This is what healing looks like for me (and my clients), but you may find a totally different combination of healing practices that suit you even better. Great! Whatever you discover and develop is perfect, as long as it feels right and good and fulfilling to you.

Choose to heal, choose a healing practice, and commit to doing it.
That’s the absolute very best way to heal.

You can heal yourself and your life
(it's easier than you think)

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