Are You Un-Spiritual? How to Know If You’re Doing It Wrong

I love cute animal videos. You know the ones – cats chasing dogs, ducklings going up stairs for the first time, birds sliding down roofs on metal lids, Maymo eating a cabbage….. that kinda stuff.

When these videos show animals doing human things, like watching TV, sitting at the table eating, or walking on 2 legs, there is always a comment like “He doesn’t know he’s a dog…..he thinks he’s a human!”

Except that…..

Animals don’t think they’re human; they know who they are. They’re not confused about how to be themselves. They may be acting strangely or abnormally, but perhaps that is due more to our narrow definition of what that animal is and how it behaves.

Such is the case with humans and spirituality.

I recently observed a Facebook conversation wherein one person declared another ‘not very spiritual’ based on their actions.

Are you unspiritual- How to know if (1)

As if there is only one way for a spiritual person to behave. As if being human ISN’T spiritual. As if our spirituality cards might be revoked for bad behaviour.

Just like a dog is a dog regardless of how he acts, you are a spirit no matter what you do. It is not separate from who you are. If you behave in a way that is ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’, it doesn’t make you unspiritual – it makes you human!

That’s the thing about being spiritual: It doesn’t mean being perfect. You will screw up sometimes. You will be wrong now and then. You will hurt people and do things that others don’t approve of. Everyone does, one way or another.

It doesn’t happen to set you back and it’s not punishment. These are lessons that your spirit chose when you incarnated here on earth; you are here to learn and grow from what you experience.

Copy of Are you unspiritual- How to know if

You’re not here earning the right to be spiritual – you ARE spirit, wrapped up in a wonderfully complex human body.

Spirituality will look different for everyone. We all have unique goals and life purposes, and there’s no way spirituality can be defined by someone else. It’s personal. If another person’s spirituality bothers you, see it as an invitation to explore why. What about their beliefs or lifestyle do you find threatening?

Rather than judge another’s expression of spirit, deepen your own connection. Remember – there are as many ways to ‘be’ spiritual as there are humans on the earth.

Welcome to life. You can’t screw this up.

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