Sacred Secrets of Miraculous Self-Care

Ladies – we need to talk. We need to start taking better care of ourselves. Not each other, not everyone else. You. Me. As individuals, on our own.

Do you take care of others but forget yourself, and end up wondering why you feel so off all the time? Like something is missing?

Self-care. That’s what is missing.

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When was the last time you did something wonderful, pleasurable, or even indulgent for yourself? How often do you take time just for you?

Self-care is so overlooked in this culture that neglecting one’s own needs – let alone their desires – is considered normal.

Fixing this doesn’t need to be complicated; just take care of yourself like you would someone you care about deeply. 

Self-care means different things for different people, and only you can really know what your soul is asking for, so listen closely.

  • Do you need more sleep?
  • Less caffeine?
  • Daily meditation?
  • Dance time around the kitchen?
  • A walk with the dogs?
  • A phone call with a friend?
  • How great would a massage feel?
  • Or maybe a pedicure?
  • Speaking of which – why not take yourself out to lunch? 

Your individual self-care preferences may change regularly, or even daily (some days you’ll crave green smoothie, and other days you won’t). This is wonderful! Variety is the spice of life, so go with what feels best at any given moment.

What could you do today just for you? Something you’ve been putting off or dreaming of. A little treat. Choose something and commit to it. Put your own self-care and pleasure on high-priority. 

Here are some suggestions for daily self-care:

* Get lots of sleep. Go to bed early, sleep in, take naps. Find what works for you and make sleep a priority in your schedule.

* Make your bed super-comfy. Buy new pillows and bedding, or just refresh what you have with with a good washing and some essential oils (lavender + chamomile are especially nice).

* Take a bath or shower. Use my amazing bath recipe or create your own magical experience.

* Connect with spirit. Meditate, pray, use Reiki, crystals, or whatever brings you clarity and joy. Ask questions and listen for answers.

* Journal. Write out whatever is on your mind. Good, bad, in between – just let it all out.

* Speak kindly to yourself. Use positive language and avoid judging and blaming yourself. If you wouldn’t speak that way to a good friend, why do it to yourself?   

* Spend time with great people. Reach out to new friends, or reconnect with old ones. Find a group of people you enjoy and allow yourself to receive friendship as well as give it.

* Dress up. Put on your best clothes. Do your hair – or have it done. Take a spritz – or two – of that special perfume. Wear the good jewelry. Make yourself feel lovely in whatever way feels best.

Everyday self-care doesn’t have to take a lot of time – in fact it doesn’t have to take any extra time at all. Just swap out what you normally do with something more awesome. Upgrade, darling!

My personal favourite self-care upgrade? Taking a nice hot shower with my favourite soap and facial scrub, getting dressed up, and going to a cafe….with my laptop. This is something I do quite often, and I always enjoy it. It’s an easy way to infuse something I have to do (work) with what I love (the ambience of a cafe), and a fabulous way to enjoy sacred self-care any day of the week.

You can do this too. Make self-care a regular part of your day and your life will change right before your eyes. You deserve it.

Take care of yourself
as well as you take care of others

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