Three Amazing Crystals to Boost Women’s Healing

It was a hot summer morning when I woke up in pain. My stomach was cramping, and I immediately recognized that familiar monthly sensation.

I stumbled out of the bedroom to find my bowl of gemstones; right on my altar, between the picture of my grandma, my peacock feather, and my Spongebob figurine. There were a few specific stones that I knew would help me, so I plucked them from the pile and tucked them in the front of my underwear, flat against my lower abdomen.

Back to bed. Woke up hours later stuck to the sheets in the humid summer morning. Stomach pains mostly gone. Feeling good.

A cool shower was in order, so I got up, began to undress…..and sent 3 beautiful gemstones flying across the room.

Yes, they survived without any cracks (luckily). 

Weeks later, in session with a client, she explains how she’s healing from a miscarriage. Lots of pain, physical and emotional. I suggest a few gemstones that may help, and she gets them. Uses them. Sleeps with them. Loves them.

More time passes. Another client tells me she was sexually assaulted at a young age. That she knows it’s holding her back now, 30 years later, but she doesn’t know what to do.

We share some intuitive healing and I suggest some gemstones. She gets them, begins to meditate with them, and wears them everyday. She feels a difference right away.

These same three stones I rely on. The ones I recommend.

three amazing crystals to boost women's healing

Being a female comes with scars. We know this, and yet so often we push down that uniquely feminine pain. Ignoring it for fear of feeling too much. Of reliving what was so difficult. Of the tears.

Crystals are the perfect little healers for issues like these. Pain, injury, illness….. There is something you can do: Give yourself a continuous stream of healing energy by simply wearing, holding, meditating, or sleeping with crystals, or place them around your home or workspace to keep them close. 

Want to know which three amazing crystals boost women’s healing? 

1. Rose Quartz. Oh tender lovely Rose Quartz. So pretty. The softest, pillowiest healing energy that is perfect for matters of the heart. Fantastic for healing the womb and breasts, and great for calming sleep and soothing dream time. Hold it during forgiveness work and other difficult moments to bring a calm, peaceful vibe. 

2. Moonstone. Sparky, rejuvenating, and fortifying. Its energy brings strength to the feminine system. Helps regulate cycles and improves fertility. Physically healing and gently nurturing for women during all times of life. Especially good for womb pain and healing. 

3. Carnelian. Earthy, rich, creative, powerful, sexual. Carnelian revs up the feminine and creates a lush landscape for growth and renewal. It burns with creative energy and desire. Extremely healing to the womb area after miscarriage, abortion, or child loss, and beneficial for monthly cramps. 

Now that’s what I call a crystal cocktail! Three awesome stones put together for one amazing purpose: To bring healing to women and feminine issues.

If you have any of these stones, try using them next time you need some feminine healing. Use all three together or separately, or even add some other stones you feel called to. Yes, you can mix together your gemstones and no, you can’t do it wrong!

How to use crystals? Wear them as jewelry, keep them in your pocket, meditate with them, place them under your pillow, tuck them in your bra or the front of your underwear, place them beside your workspace, or find another way to connect with them throughout the day. 

Just try not to fling them across the room when you take off your clothes. 🙂

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