I Asked for Guidance and the Angels Made Me Laugh

Yesterday I spent hours working on a new project for Love Tweal. It’s been on my mind for a few weeks, so I finally hashed out a solid plan. 

Let me just say – it’s going to be awesome! I know it. I can feel it. 

And yet for some reason, I felt guided to my altar, where I sat down to pull a few cards. Even though I knew it and felt it, I wanted a message about this awesome upcoming project.

I Asked for Guidance and the Angels Made Me Laugh

First it was my animal cards that jumped out at me. As I shuffled the deck, I asked for a message from the animal world. Which animal should I embody while working on this project? What animal will join me in spirit throughout this process? 

When I pulled the first card, I burst into laughter. It couldn’t have been more appropriate. 

The second time I asked for a message from the angels. Tell me what I need to know. Guess what I got? Even more laughter. 

Knowing I was on the right track, I pulled two more cards – one from the plant kingdom, and another from the bird world. And they rounded out what ended up being the most perfect reading I could have ever given myself. 

Check out the (amazing) message I received:


“Squirrel. Preparation. Get ready for big changes! Feel the anticipation of what you know is coming. Get everything ready and in place. There’s no need to worry, no need to scurry. Rather than rush, make each movement count. At this time it’s better to stay active, focused, and purposeful in your efforts. Get a sense of where you’re going, even if you may change course later.” – Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer

“Six of action. What a wonderful experience for you! Your project is a total success, bringing awards, promotions, or other recognition for your efforts. Well done! If someone who can help you offers assistance, know that this person is Heaven-sent, and say yes!” – Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

“Lavender. Let go of anxiety. Calm your nerves and you’ll be able to hear the voice of your angels. Letting go of anxiety and fear allows the voices of your angels to become louder and clearer. These loving beings are with you right now and have drawn you to this card. They’re asking you to find your center of calm so that you may reacquaint yourself with them. Your angels have the answers to your questions and want to share them with you, but you must first let go of fear-based thoughts.” – Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves

“Common Loon. Meditate. The Loon calls hauntingly to its lifelong mate. It can dive to 600 feet. Deepen your relationships. Make progress towards your goals by seeking quiet, meditating, and studying your dreams.” – Catherine Bastedo’s Bird Vibes Cards

Prepare for big changes.
My project is a success.
Accept help.
Let go of anxiety.

Yep. Sounds about right. Just what I needed to hear – even though I kind of already knew it. But who can argue with a spot-on reminder? Not me. 

Thanks squirrel, angels, lavender, and loon. I hear you.

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