Dog Tales: Inspiring Life Wisdom Straight from My Canine Pal

Have you ever craved simple, practical, intuitive advice…..from a dog?

If not, you will now! 

This week for Sunday Funday, I’m calling on my good pal Bodhi. Not only is he adorable, he’s insightful too. From the 4 photos below, choose the one you’re most drawn to, then scroll down for a special intuitive message from Bodhi himself. 

Bodhi 4 photos


Your Bodhi message for the week:


1. “Sometimes you just need to let yourself be held. You may have places to go or things to do, but those things can wait. Find what makes you feel really good, like close-your-eyes-blissful, and give in to it. Everything else can wait – at least for a few minutes.”




2. “Just because something feels scary or uncomfortable doesn’t meant that it’s bad. And nothing lasts forever. You may go through situations that you dislike but you shouldn’t let them ruin you day. Do what is necessary and then move on.”





3. “Play! Get up, get out, and have some fun! Outside is waiting for you.”





4. “Don’t believe everything people say about you. Too big to be a lap dog? That’s for you to decide. And you’ll never know until you try.”



I hope you enjoyed your special doggy message.

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