Twenty Years Is A Long Time To Wait For A Sign But This Guy Made It All Worthwhile

Are you waiting for that One Special Animal to present itself to you?

I was too, and then a few weeks ago, I saw my Very First Owl. Ever. In my life. 

How COOL is that? Despite growing up in the country and always hearing owls, I’d never seen one and I desperately wanted to. For about 20 years now I’ve been waiting to see an owl. 

One evening as I was walking my dog just before the sun set, I saw a huge bird land on a nearby field. But wait, it’s too big for a bird. Could it be an owl?

Yes indeed, it was a Snowy Owl.

I stood staring at this majestic creature who sat perched perfectly still on the smooth-topped snow field. Head turning. Watching. 

Snowy Owl

“Snowy Owl. All things are possible. The beautiful Snowy Owl perches motionless on a post. It flies down silently to take its prey, wings with a five-foot span beating slowly, powerfully. The Snowy Owl symbolizes pure potential.” – Catherine Bastedo’s Bird Vibes Cards.

Intuitively, I called it over to me. I said “Owl, thank you for showing up for me. Please, come fly over me so I can see you. Let me see how big your wings are. Show yourself to me.” 

I stood a few moments, waiting. The owl picked up from the snow and flew toward me, swooping over my dog and I twice. Then it settled on top of a telephone pole and stared down at me. Watching.  

I watched back. S/he was so lovely. With big wings and a beautiful white face, this owl was just what I’d been waiting for. We stood staring at each other until eventually, I had to keep walking home. Goodbye Owl. 

With a smile on my face and the wind in my hair, I felt peace in my heart knowing that my prayer had been answered. I saw an Owl, and it responded to my communication! Although it took years longer than I’d wanted, wasn’t this proof of a greater plan than I can sometimes see? Isn’t this confirmation that my prayers are always heard and answered in their own time?

The owl reminds me to watch very closely all things that matter. The owl shows me how to move with grace and determination as I quietly make my way towards my goal. 

Although I haven’t seen the Owl again, I am always watching. Waiting. Because I know one day, I will see it again. And who knows what I’ll learn that time?


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