Five Deep Truths About Energy Healing

When it comes to energy healing, misconceptions abound. There can be a lot of discussion about it is and isn’t; about what should and shouldn’t be done. 

And while I don’t believe there is any one right or wrong way to approach energy healing, I have noticed five deep truths that keep presenting themselves. 

So I’m here to help sort out the confusion. Because the more healing I do on myself and others, the more I learn and grow. Without further ado:

five deep truths about energy healing (1)

1. Let go of assumptions about what will happen. 

Maybe you’ve had Energy Healing before, or perhaps you’ve heard stories from friends, so you think you know what it will be like. You’re equipped to deal with the thing that you just know is going to happen. Well guess what? Life is full of curveballs. You can go into a healing so sure of what will happen, and come out amazed at how little you actually knew going in. Energy healing is deep, it’s profound, and it’s full of surprises. If you’re clinging to an idea, you leave less room for the unexpected to happen. Let yourself be surprised.

2. There’s no room for self-judgment.

Energy healing is a unique and beautiful experience. No two sessions are ever the same, nor can they be predicted. Sometimes it’s an ‘easy’ time with fun epiphanies and beautiful imagery. And sometimes it’s an exhausting venture fraught with tears and emotional overwhelm. And beyond that – there are times when it feels like nothing has happened. Thankfully, it’s all good. Whatever your experience, it’s perfectly perfect for you. Seriously. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to heal, and each experience may be different. Energy healing is not something you can judge or weigh; it’s all just progress. That’s it. Any measure beyond that is ego budging in. 

3. It’s not a one-time-heals-all deal.

As much as I’d like to say energy healing is so amazing it only takes one session to heal all your problems – I can’t. I wish that were the case, and maybe for some people it is, but for most of us, healing is an ongoing lifelong process. It requires a commitment to self, and to spirit. Growth happens gradually. Be consistent with your healing and recognize that however long it takes is how long it’s supposed to take. 

4. Anyone can do energy healing.

Yes, you read that right: Anyone can be an energy healer. While there are numerous classes and certifications for learning energy healing techniques, taking extensive training is not necessary. Each and every human has the capacity to practice energy healing. Some of us are intuitively guided, and some of us require teaching. Either way, it’s available to everyone, all the time, everywhere. No one is excluded from energy healing. 

5. Tools are fun but not required.

I love crystals, oracle cards, doo-dads, and thingamabobs as much as the next healer but let’s be honest: None of these ‘things’ are truly necessary for energy healing. I may feel more connected when I wear my Amethyst or my Eagle feather, but even without them, the healing is just as effective. I may enjoy using a Pendulum or a Tibetan singing bowl, but these tools are not required for the energy healing to ‘work’. Remember that energy healing is subtle but powerful; we do not control it, we merely let it run through us. If you are the channel for energy healing, what else is really needed? Just a clear mind and a commitment to service. Anything else is fun, but not required. 

That’s it! In the comments, I’d love to know: Does this help you? Do any of these truths really speak to you? What deep truth would you share about energy healing?

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Five Deep Truths About Energy Healing — 4 Comments

  1. Mmm. Yes. I love the points you’ve made. So much junk gets built up around certain modes and methods of doing things. Those “shoulds” can be damaging and limiting. I’m so glad you’re speaking out about it. I’ve experienced numbers 1-3, for sure. And numbers 4 & 5 really resonate with me right now. I’ve never called myself an “energy healer” (even though I do a lot of energy healing types of things) because I’m not certified . . . but I use my intuition and various tools and I definitely “do” energy healing :).
    Leanne Chesser recently posted…Who is That Masked Woman?My Profile

  2. Thank you for this! I’ve been getting into learning more about energy healing lately and the Chakra system etc.(I’m a newbie) and I’ve had so many Qs about it. This answered a lot of them! I’ve been following your daily reiki guide too, I love it!

  3. Beautiful article! Yes, I agree with all the points you make. In my practice, I’ve found that surrendering is an essential part of being a channel and letting the energy flow through me to do its work. I also believe that it’s fundamental to work on our own healing in order to be able to heal others. I’m so glad you are clarifying this information and putting it out there 🙂

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