Everyone Gets Angry and It’s Totally Ok

Have you ever felt so angry with someone that you just
can’t let it go?

Maybe you were hurt, wronged, or lied to. Whatever the cause, you know it’s not serving you to stay angry, yet you can’t get over it on your own. 

Well the good news is – that’s very normal and very human. 

The fact is, no matter how much you meditate, pray, or practice yoga; no matter how clean your diet; and yes, even if you practice Reiki, anger will still show up in your life from time to time. 

Again – it’s ok. Being angry, getting angry, and expressing anger is healthy and productive. All emotions are healthy. It’s when we avoid anger, or hang onto it too long that we begin to experience problems.

Speak With Integrity

From Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements Oracle Cards.

Recently, a friend posed this question, and I thought it might be valuable to share here:

Q: Hi Judy! When you’re SOOOO angry at someone and it’s so bad that you’ve chosen to not talk to them for a long time, how do you cope with that anger that’s currently living inside of you?

I try to not think about it but who I am kidding, I am just super angry and I don’t know what to do. And for my well being – I NEED to move on. I just don’t know how.

I’ve forgiven them and myself but somehow the anger is still here. So I don’t know what else to do. – Daniella

A: Hi Daniella! Thanks for asking this question. My first thought is that if you are still very angry, then you haven’t fully forgiven the person. That is the thing with forgiveness: it’s really all or nothing.

Reiki and energy healing is perfect for a situation like this. We all carry around so much crap that weighs us down. Once we release it, easily and peacefully, we walk much lighter. Time for some forgiveness.

Forgiving someone does not mean you agree with them or condone their behaviour; forgiveness doesn’t absolve responsibility. It simply means that you’re no longer holding the grudge or keeping yourself in a place of anger instead of moving on. 

When I am in a place of extreme anger, I consider the Four Agreements: Don’t take anything personally, always do your best, be impeccable with your word, and don’t make assumptions. When I am being really honest with myself I am usually able to see that my anger stems from NOT following these 4 agreements.

Transform your life

From Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements Oracle Cards.

So, when looking at your current situation, ask yourself: What are you taking personally? What assumptions are you making? Are you really doing your best? And how could you be more impeccable with your word?

Take some time to think about these questions, and be honest with yourself – even if it stings. Forgiveness isn’t easy but it is important. 

From Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements Oracle Cards.

Lastly, consider having some Reiki or energy healing to help release emotional blocks and stagnant energy that may be keeping you stuck. Clear it out to make room for greatness.

Hope this is helpful for you! – Judy

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Everyone Gets Angry and It’s Totally Ok — 2 Comments

  1. Ooooh I know the feeling too well. Once I was completely fooled by some people who took me for a ride and used me and left me. I got really mad because they owed me money but never paid. A friend told me I had to forgive. But it was extremely difficult. Months went by before I could even think about the incident without feeling rage. I think that if you can talk to the person that is a good thing, but you may want to watch your tongue a bit if you are sensitive. Or writing a letter to the person may help, you don’t even have to send it, just writing it will be enough. But most I think you need to give it time and really look deep inside of you and try to forgive. It’s the forgiveness that help heal the wounds.
    Linda recently posted…My Callling – Because this is what I’m made ofMy Profile

  2. Great post!! (As, I’m often mad with my boyfriend…ha)

    I love the Four Agreements book and need to reread that again. But, I’ve realized that I control my emotions and reactions to the situation. And, a lot of the time I have made assumptions or the situation wasn’t completely transparent to me. I also ask myself what can I do to improve the situation!
    Jennifer Kennedy recently posted…How to Make a Fillable PDF with PDFescapeMy Profile

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