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You are a soulful spirit with a physical body.


You are a collection of cells, energy, and love.


You have the miraculous ability to self-heal.

What is really standing in your way?

"Judy Tweal is an amazing and extraordinary healer. The energy she channels is gentle yet powerful, soothing and deeply comforting. Because of her sessions, I'm more authentically me. She shifted what was ready to be released, and created space for what was ready to be seen and acknowledged. I have a much greater trust in myself and my intuition because of Judy."

Zorahgail Balino -

“Judy is very experienced with Reiki and she is a strong channel for energy healing. I am grateful to have been been a part of her women’s circle, which is a wonderful way to experience healing right in your own home. I felt an energetic unity with the rest of the women in the group although I never physically met them. Judy’s guidance was spot-on for what I needed each week. She truly allows her loving and kindness to shine within each of us.” 

Alicia Nardone

I'm Judy Tweal, Reiki Teacher & Holistic Healing Guide

I healed myself of IBS after doctors told me to 'learn to live with it.' Then I went to nutrition school and started practicing Reiki.

Now I work with people (and animals!) all over the world who are ready to heal themselves from the inside out and share their light with the world. 

Read my story here. 

"I loved my healing sessions with Judy. I felt so relaxed and comfortable during our time together and she provided the most amazing feedback afterwards, including clear explanations for what was happening with my energy. Her style is very conversational and matter-of-fact so I was always able to connect what she shared to what was going on in my life. She asked very clear questions to help me look into each issue that came up. Judy is clearly gifted at what she does, and she brings a tremendous warmth and amazing clarity to all her work.”

Peggy Freeh -

“Judy Tweal is a really extraordinary Reiki healer. The distance session she did for me was so powerful. I’ve had sessions with a lot of healers but Judy really powerfully shifted energy in a way I’ve rarely experienced. The session left me feeling so much calmer and more relaxed. Judy is really unique and has such a warm, caring, and loving energy. If you are considering working with Judy I highly recommend her!”

Elisabeth Elektra - Zyna Hel

Healing is an inside job.

What if you took care of yourself as well as you care for others?

What if you allowed Divine energy to flow through you as freely as water or air?

What if healing yourself was totally possible - and actually pretty simple?

The only thing standing in the way of your healing is YOU.

Either you’re making the choices that support self-healing - or you’re not.

What are you choosing?

Get the tools to heal yourself and your life in the Self-Healing Library.

"I am familiar with Reiki and have had sessions before, but I had never experienced distance Reiki. I was in desperate need of some healing and energy work when I met Judy. After speaking with her following our session, I learned I had been so totally relaxed during her work that I had fallen asleep and was completely at peace with the energy work. Judy was also able to identify a number of areas that were of specific concern to me - a tightness in my neck, a blockage in my throat chakra, and a significant need for healing in my abdominal area where I had recently had surgery and am currently recovering. None of these things were discussed prior to our session, and none had been on my facebook so there was no way of her knowing these things except through her ability to perform distance Reiki with accuracy. In our follow up she also mentioned a few other things that she had picked up on during our time together.  I truly believe Judy has a gift for healing in this way, and plan to arrange future sessions with her. God Bless."

Laura DaGrossa -

Yes, animals enjoy healing too.

And they're a lot of fun to work with. 

Powerful healing energy is always available to you.

Are you ready to receive? 

"I've been working with Judy for a few years now. Since then my love for Reiki has increased to the point of doing my Reiki levels 1 and 2. Reiki is such a powerful and gentle way to connect with your inner world, and to heal yourself and others. From our health to our inner peace my whole family has received benefit from Reiki. Judy is a person I totally look up to when it comes to Reiki energy and her intuitive gifts. After working with her I feel relaxed and energetic at the same time. I really have enjoyed the energy and the messages/emails from our sessions - they are beautiful! Judy has been a fundamental part in my well-being management. She's so generous and caring, always approachable and willing to offer support.”

Angela Fogarty-Mendez -

"Judy is a talented and spot-on intuitive woman. When I reached out to her for a Reiki session, I had a big speaking gig coming up and I really wanted to be connected to all of my inner resources. I wanted to ensure that I was in flow, feeling confident, charismatic and connected to my intuition and wisdom. I didn't know how (or if!) Reiki would do that, but I was willing to give it a shot. And wow, was I extremely happy with the results! In addition to the session, Judy sent a detailed email afterwards to share her insights and tips for moving forward. Absolutely invaluable. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to be more in flow and connect to their inner confidence!"

Seema Sodha -

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